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CCK Persona Workbook

Customer Persona Workbook

The most detailed in the market. Created with the combined insights of leading marketers and data from hundreds of successful campaigns. This ensures that you’re leveraging proven strategies and real-world insights to deeply understand your customers, giving you an edge over competitors.

Customer persona template

Customer Persona Template

Customisable and adaptable. Allows for real-time updates. This means that as you learn more about your customers or as the market changes, you can quickly modify your customer personas without starting from scratch. This saves time and ensures continuity.

CCK Email Series

'Know Your Customer' Email Series

5 research methods that you can use to fill out your persona workbook + template. This step-by-step guidance ensures that you don’t feel overwhelmed and ignore your customer research. You’ll get examples, secret hacks, and AI prompts.

After completing the kit… you’ll have a structured, deep understanding of your customers.
A go-to resource that will guide your email marketing and help you write high-converting emails with clarity.

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